You’re invited to the official opening of two new exhibitions at HBRG, Gordon Hookey’s 'A MURRIALITY' and HBRG curated exhibition, 'Origin Story'.

A MURRIALITY is the first survey of renowned Waanyi artist Gordon Hookey. Across sculpture, printmaking, video, and large-scale painting, A MURRIALITY presents perspectives on historical and contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Best known for its biting satire of Australian culture and politics, Hookey’s work interprets the world through the lens of a Murri person, questioning everyday language, cultural representations, legal injustices and international politics.

Inspired by our state’s passion for the greatest sporting rivalry of all time, Origin Story brings together artists from across the region to reflect on the cultural contribution of State of Origin to Queensland’s identity. From the tribal costuming of spectatorship to the adulation of our immortal state heroes, Origin Story celebrates the significance of Rugby League within the Fraser Coast community.


Image: Gordon Hookey in his studio. Photography: Rhett Hammerton.