Wilhelmus Breikers presents a selection of works drawing upon reflective examinations of self, questions of reception and perception and interior dimensions of landscape.

Led by a desire to respond literally to his surroundings, Breikers’ work invariably moves in the direction of metaphor. There is a discernible element of introspection in the work, an enquiry of content as well as form—art for its own sake and art for the sake of something else. 

Born in Holland, Wilhelmus Breikers arrived in Australia at the age of 7, completing a visual art degree in Brisbane in his early twenties. A long-term resident of Hervey Bay, Wilhelmus has continued to develop his art practice and has been keenly involved in the cultural life of the Fraser Coast community.

With rough-hewn figures and scenery that is often contestable, Eat the Moon destabilises our viewpoint, opening a window to unexpected narratives and identifications.

Image: Wilhelmus Breikers, I am optimistic sometimes, 2020, acrylic on canvas