Alan Peebles: Bird Man

Presenting a selection of murals alongside his self-published wildlife documentaries, Alan Peebles: Bird Man draws on Alan Peebles’ passion for the region's wildlife, forming a charming and idiosyncratic portrait of Hervey Bay through the eyes of one of its prominent advocates.

Affectionately known as Hervey Bay’s “Bird Man”, the late Alan Peebles relocated to the Fraser Coast region in 1988, quickly immersing himself in advocacy for our local flora and fauna. Among his many achievements as a wildlife warrior, Peebles’ Bus Shelter Paintings have left a distinctly bright legacy for our region. Undertaken between 2003 and 2009, over 100 of these magnificent portraits of local birdlife have adorned the streets of Hervey Bay and beyond for 20 years. While many of Peebles’ murals have been vandalised, removed or have perished in the sun and rain, many of these marvellous paintings are still out-and-about in our community.
Alan Peebles passed in January 2022. Inspired by his enduring legacy as an artist and activist, Alan Peebles: Bird Man combines a selection of the Bus Shelter Paintings with a reel of Peebles’ homemade wildlife documentaries. Considered together, these complimentary projects encourage us to recognise and preserve the beauty and life that surrounds us.  

9 September - 12 November 2023